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The Benefits of Spill Kit Training

Spill Kit Training is a vital training so that employees will be aware of the impact of chemical spill and kit malfunctions as a health and environment hazard, and at the same time, of the ways to handle and store safely chemicals and clean every safety kit that are to be used in different workplaces.

If not handled carefully, chemical spill and kit malfunctions may lead to major health issues such as lung problems and physical body burns.

The QHSE Department aims to prevent these scenarios by conducting special trainings and mock drills to test our employees’ awareness of instances when chemical spill or unwanted toxic gas spills are likely to occur and preparedness to handle such unwanted situations.

On the 21st of August 2023, forty (4) employees from different locations such as Shahaniya Accommodation, Welfare Department, Mezzan Security Services and Facility Management were selected to participate in the Spill Kit Training that was conducted by the QHSE department. These employees were trained on the proper use and storage of hazardous materials and cleaning of safety kits, and on what to do in case of an accidental spill of dangerous chemicals in their workplace.

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