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Food Tasting Conducted in Le Gourmet

In this age of rapidly evolving palate of patrons, restaurant menus need to adapt and upgrade. Due to the constant barrage of culinary ideas and presentations on social media, restaurants must constantly analyze their menus in order to keep offering dishes that will impress customers and keep them coming back.

While Le Gourmet believes in preserving the menu that our devoted patrons have come to appreciate, we are open to changes to extend our market by adding options and improving presentations.

Le Gourmet hosted a food tasting of the key items on the menu, but from newly hired Chefs, so there was a fresh presentation and recipe, in order to get ready for the peak season, which starts in October.

On top of this initiative, our Chef Consultant, Rajesh Narasimman, will oversee the introduction of more enhancements in the restaurant kitchen with focus on menu standardization, hygiene and safety practices, and employee performance.

Yesterday’s event was championed by Chef Consultant Rajesh, Executive Chef Mahmoud Alsaghbini, and the current Restaurant in-charge, Mohammad Aljabali, under the direction of no other than the Managing Director, Samir Elbaba.

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