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QSS Launches Fire Mock Drill

On June 20th 2023, The Welfare and Safety Departments launched a Fire Mock Drill at the newly built accommodation in Shahaniya. The goal is to ensure the employees’ readiness in case of a fire break out.

This new accommodation is currently housing 900 workers. It has all the basic facilities to serve the staff and adequate security to guard their safety. The twenty Fire Warden and First Aid Trainers that have been trained and certified, along with six Security Guards from Mezzan Security Services were present to assist in the drill.

The Drill was a success and the attendees were evaluated as ready.

It is important for the company to continually do Fire Mock Drills to test the effectiveness of fire safety systems and emergency plans in place and orient the employees on the same. The drill exercises will aid in developing a culture of safety, improving emergency preparedness, and lowering if not totally mitigating the risks associated with fire and other emergencies. Overall, this will enable QSS to reduce the chances of accidents, thereby helping save lives.

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Congrats, William on the mmock drill! Now we know that our staff is ready in case of fire. Keep up the good work.


Training and testing each other is an important thing. It raises our senses against fire or any other danger that might come to us. It is wonderful what they're doing here


Always keep your fire extinguishers near you. Don't irritate or activate in any way possible the flammable things in your areas. Ask for assistance if needed. These trainings are exactly for that. They are our helpers, assistors, teahcers, co workers. They will always help us prepare for such calamities. Our job is to learn from them. These drills will be of big help specially in locations where flammable items are present.


We should always prepare ourselves for the worse. Never let our guards down. Just because everything is going smoothly doesn't mean that there is no problem. Sometimes problems lie in the shadows not being seen by our eyes. We don't know, maybe fire might start from somewhere. We might have forgotten to remove a plug or something. So better check your areas and be prepared for such scenarios.


Being aware of your sorroundings is a big thing. It's your advantage against everything that's about to happen. This just proves how important these types of trainings are. The saying "Prevention is better than cure" can be of used here. It's like saying "it's better to prevent the flames than heal it or stop it after it occurs".

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