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QSS Conducts a Refresher Fire Safety Training

Twenty QSS employees from various locations such as Karwa, Le Gourmet, CK3, MOI, Lusail, Welfare and, Safety were selected to take part in the fire safety training that was conducted by both the Welfare and Safety Departments.

On May 7th 2023, all twenty employees passed the said training and were conferred Level 1 International Award in Fire Safety Certification from Highfield Qualifications. This certification qualified all twenty employees to perform Fire Safety Training in their own respective locations.

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To be able to do such an amazing task of training people and making them aware of their surroundings is truly a remarkable thing to do. Now we'll be more prepared in case accidents happen and fire breaks out in our respective areas


This training is really good. It helps us to be ready once things go bad in flammable areas.

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