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World Blood Donor Day


Dear Qatar Super Stars,


For the month of June, we recognize the World Blood Donor Day as a humanitarian global movement, being a voluntary act from people from all walks of life. This is aimed at promoting solidarity and helping save lives.


The slogan for 2023 World Blood Donor Day campaign is “Give blood, give plasma, share life, share often.” It emphasizes the important role that every person may play by contributing the priceless gift of blood or plasma and focuses on people who require lifelong transfusion support.


In QSS, fifty employees participated in the one-day voluntary blood donation drive that our Welfare team arranged on the 14th of June, in collaboration with Hamad Hospital.  On a deeper sense, it was more than a drive. It was a selfless gesture that our employees had to physically prepare themselves and check their health weeks in advance in order to be eligible for the voluntary blood donation.


This is an indication that when needed, our employees are willing to seriously engage not only in fun events and activities but more significantly, in humanitarian acts. 


Parallel to business, this suggests that QSS can be sure of employee involvement in initiatives that will help to improve work culture, reduce turnover, increase productivity, and establish stronger customer relationships. The key is consistent and close communication and connection.


We believe that your high engagement will transition you all into the company’s best advocates especially in times of crisis. As you highly engage, you become the company's best supporters.

Even when times are rough, we will do our best to continue providing you with the best motivational tools in order to stay engaged and connected.



Samir Elbaba

Managing Director

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