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What does Career mean?

By: Mauro Tostes (Sporting & Mass Event Director)

Initially, a career refers to the sequence and types of work tasks that individuals undertake throughout their lives; but it is also the build which enables individuals to make sense of valued work opportunities and how their work roles relate to their wider personal responsibilities.

Remember that you and your career are one… One you!

Is it important to improve? If you think so, please open your mind and hearts for some useful tips.

Here are a few options to improve yourself in your career and your personal life…


  1. Be enthusiastic to learn! Learn a language, a food recipe, a professional skill. Anything! it’s a good exercise for your brain. It makes you confident and presents you with more resources. Sign up for training sessions at your work or something new in your personal life.

  2. Have a positive attitude! Everybody likes a positive person! It attracts positiveness from everything. You will share a positive energy on whatever you do, even on challenging moments.

  3. Take initiative! Do it! Don’t wait for others; be proactive! From the simplest thing to an enormous project of your life or your company, just go for it.

  4. Empathize with your coworkers, neighbors, family and friends! Gain sense of Team Work! Everyone is important, let them know. Practice to greet with a smile, listen to them. Build Relationships and keep networking.

  5. Read More! This is so important! For some of us, reading is not a habit anymore due to the digital world. Practice reading. Grab a book. Read about something that you like or like to know. Read about the country you’re living in, news and facts about it. Reading is an excellent exercise for your brain.

  6. Have an exercise routine! For any of us who has daily work at the office, or is frequently sitting down during working hours, please exercise constantly. Walking for 30 minutes is already a start.

  7. Maintain a healthy habit! Drink water. Add more vegetables and fruits to your daily meals. Remember, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Sleep at least six to seven hours per day. Visit your physician and nutritionist on an early routine.

  8. Regulate stress! Filter the things that you should do immediately and things that you can manage. Don’t absorb everything for you. Set limitations and learn to prioritize. Yes, the world is having challenges in several places, but do your part by taking care of you first, so you can take care of others.

  9. Practice punctuality! This goes for everything. Be a little ahead of time so you don’t have to run, cram, and stress yourself and others.

  10. Improve on how to adapt to situations! Always have a Plan B, C, etc. If the plan was not forecasted, breathe, think, be proactive and adapt.

  11. Learn how to become better on resolving conflicts! Conflicts exist since mankind started. So, be patient, listen, be assertive and look at all angles before you launch the first reaction.

  12. At your job, focus more on Customer Service! For the majority of the careers and jobs, there will be customers. Sometimes the customers are inside your working environment. Think about serving people so that they serve you as well. Positive energy attracts positive energy.

The Mantra:

  • You are always with you.

  • You depend on yourself first.

  • You need to take care of you.

  • You are unique and full of good vibrations.

We are all students at the school of life, improve yourself every day. Take care of the little things so that the big things will be easier to solve when they come.

At the end of the day, all of these and other tips are for you, and if you have a chance, you can share it with others.

Your life, career, family and friends, and the place you live in are amazing if you look at them in a positive way and allow them to help you improve.

Have a magnificent day!

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