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While in the office pantry, I observed a colony of ants marching in a straight line across the tabletop. It's well-known that ants save for rainy days, but the sight of them moving so orderly piqued my curiosity. Could we draw a parallelism between this disciplined work ethic at the individual level and the potential for collaborative success it represents?

I found several related articles and videos online as a result of my observation. I want to share some insights from my extensive reading with you right now that we can use in both our professional and even personal lives. 

The Art of Smart Harvesting

Every opportunity has its time to present itself, just as every fruit has its time to grow. We must take advantage of every chance and fruit while they abound because once they are gone, we will have to wait for another season. But what if unexpected events occur that alter the harvest trend? With the occurrence of any fortuitous event, we are forced to wait longer than we anticipated which could deplete the resources we have saved. 


The Art of Foreseeing the Worst

It is not being pessimistic to be ready to defend our objectives by envisioning what could go wrong in light of the circumstances that we can and cannot control. In fact, it should become a habit to prepare for both the best and worst-case scenarios. We must develop backup plans in case things go wrong as we formulate ways to celebrate achievements that we foresee. Remembering Smart Harvesting:  We should never be satisfied with or trust in what each season delivers. When there is abundance, we ought to gather the most. If we have alternatives ready, we will be able to manage scarcity.


The Art of Communication and Collaboration

We must accept the fact that along with change, industry and society have begun to consider unforeseen events as inevitable factors with significant effects since the emergence of the global pandemic. Due to the altered business trends, where opportunities even during the anticipated high season have become evasive, companies and individuals can still feel the impact in terms of revenue and income sources. Businesses are struggling to sustain providing a positive impact on employees’ well-being as they work to enhance and, in the worst case, retain employee perks and remuneration.


At this point, objective communication is imperative, as well as teamwork and collaboration.  Partnership exists not only between enterprises, but more so, between the company and its employees.


Ants meticulously assemble a team that shares common goals and a strong commitment to their food collection mission. In a company, it is crucial to determine individuals who belong on your team and when to encourage collaboration with others. Achieving amazing results depends on having the right people in place at the right time.


Let me conclude on an inspiring note: Despite the challenges we have encountered at QSS this year, we have demonstrated our tenacity in conquering them and staying afloat. Just as we have always done, we come together as a team in difficult times. We are the ANTS that always win the war. Even if the landscape has transformed, and our contingency plans have not unfolded as expected yet, let us continue to embody the spirit of ants – unwavering in our focus and unperturbed by distractions. Our mission to create sustainable plans with a firm commitment to win as always has just begun.


HR & Corporate Planning Manager


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