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Mohamed Jundi

Purchasing & Fleet Manager

“Success is measured not just by our status, fame, and the things we can afford to buy, but more significantly, by our ability to develop the character necessary to accept failure with maturity and optimism.”

Mohamed Jundhi joined Qatar Star Services (QSS) in 2008 as a Location Supervisor.  He was given the chance to assume the position of Purchasing Manager.  Later on, relying on his understanding of automobiles, the company tested his abilities in Fleet Management.


This year, Jundhi received the Milestones Award in honor of his fourteen-year career transition, which was founded on perseverance, objectivity, and loyalty.

How was your life back home?


I came from a less privileged background. Between the ages of ten and fifteen, on my days off from school and on holidays, I worked as a part-time office boy with my father, who was employed by the municipality.  We were able to meet our everyday necessities in some way.

My father retired from his municipality work while I had to focus on finishing my electronics course. That was the real turning point in our lives.  While finishing my studies, I took on the role of the family’s provider. We survived through me, juggling between jobs in Arabic Sweets production, real estate, and electronic maintenance.  Despite our struggle, I could not give up my car racing hobby.

What was your driving force to leave your country and work abroad?

I had an enormous dream while living in my small world. I was picturing myself as someone relevant and powerful in whichever field I would land into. That was a clear ambition but more focused on self-gratification.  When an opportunity to work somewhere else came, I grabbed it without hesitation.

How did you land a job at Qatar Star Services (QSS)?

I have always believed that in life, if you are lucky to be given the opportunity, grab it.  If you have the will but lack the opportunity, find the opportunity.

As a result of my father’s introduction to Mr. Samir Elbaba, I was given the opportunity. Mr. Samir was aware of the circumstances we were in, yet he taught me how to fish instead of giving me the fish to feed my family.  He first had me trained in Syria and later in Lebanon. He sent me to work for Qatar Star Services after noticing that I was ready for bigger challenges.

Mr. Samir assisted me in QSS in turning my entire life around and shifting my perspective.

What are the lessons you learned from life’s transition?

First, we can utilize our financial difficulties as a source of motivation instead of a source of discouragement.  Poverty does not have control and power over your will.

Second, while starting off with goals is a wonderful idea, it is equally important to work on building our character.  It was not wrong for me to want to be someone big someday, but my ambition was aimed at boosting my ego rather than at becoming a better version of myself.


Character development is greatly influenced by the lessons we learn.  Our ambition will always triumph over failures if we have the correct mindset and motivation.


How did QSS change your life?

More than improving my financial situation, QSS helped me become the professional, open-minded and mature person that I am now.  Along with getting promoted, I also developed my character by learning lessons the hard way.


I was putting a lot of effort into my hobby of car racing while simultaneously trying to establish myself at work.  Success fuelled my ego to the point that I had a serious accident in my sports car one day, which changed the course of my life.


That accident could have lost all that I had started working for, but QSS gave me a new chance.


What lessons can you impart to others who are striving to establish their own success story?

Chase your dream.  Nothing is impossible.  As you work toward fulfilling your dream, remember the lessons you learn from failure and let it strengthen your character so that even if you fail and lose your status, fame, and material possessions, you will have the correct mindset and attitude to rise again. 

Next, the golden rule, i.e. treat people the way you would want to be treated.

And lastly, once you have reached your goal, pay it forward.  Pass on the good deed so that others may benefit from it as well and the act will continue.

The reason why this is the best lesson for me is because the door of opportunity opened for me more than once. As a result, I will make sure to provide every new employee I am assigned with the same training and chance for professional progress.

Mohamed Jundi
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