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Mohamad Irfan Ahmad

Location Manager

The Power to Attract Possibilities


“We all begin by chasing possibilities.  If we choose the rewarding path and devote ourselves to nurturing it, we will inevitably attract the energy that will help others and businesses acknowledge our efforts. That’s when more opportunities present themselves.”

Mohamad Irfan Ahmad began working with QSS in 2013 as a Storekeeper for our Ministry of Interior project.  He was actively assisting the operations even though he was essentially in charge of the store. He was asked to manage a small location within the MOI project in 2019. While the appointment was outside the scope of his job, he worked with pure dedication which made his manager feel confident enough to entrust him with the same project, resulting in his promotion to Location Manager.


In 2022, Ahmad Irfan was transferred to the Grand Central Kitchen (GCK) as a temporary replacement for the Location Manager who went on an annual leave.  During his temporary stint in a larger scope, he performed admirably in terms of coordination, people management, and administration. The GCK in charge then suggested his permanent appointment.

Ahmad Irfan is beyond grateful for the job opportunity at QSS, the limitless access to high-quality training, the technical certification, and the Leadership Development Program that have given him the knowledge and abilities to carry out his duties and play his role in the operations in the most effective and efficient way possible.


How was your life back home?

We were financially challenged back in my hometown.  Our extended family's demands could not be met because we were exclusively reliant on the money from our family business.  We could not all fit in our house comfortably because it was so small.


I earned a degree in commerce, but given the rare employment opportunities in our hometown at that period, I decided to help my father run his restaurant and mobile accessory businesses in Kolkata.


What was your driving force to leave your country and work abroad?

My main goal was to find a stable job that would yield for us a stable income.  As I could not find a job that could at least pay me a decent salary, I decided to seek employment in Qatar.  


How did you land a job in Qatar Star Services (QSS)

I observed that the Middle East offered a lot of employment prospects. I came across an advertisement from Ajeets Manpower for a position at Qatar Star Services LLC. and it caught my attention. I gave it a shot and joined the online interview.  Qatar Star Services selected me for the position of Storekeeper.

What are the lessons you learned from life’s transition?

I realized that you must move forward and seek for possibilities in life. To bring about change, you must endure going out of your comfort zone.  If you wish to improve your life financially, you need a higher income.


Not everything in life will be fair. You will not always be lucky enough to be provided with an opportunity.  So, as soon as it comes, grab it and value it.


How did QSS change your life?

My stint at QSS as a Storekeeper was my very first work opportunity since I graduated.  It was one that allowed me to utilize my skills and abilities, grow, and explore.


My journey in QSS began with the MOI project where I gained valuable knowledge on stock management, cost control, and financial software such as Tally and SAP. The amount of training and development that QSS has provided me with from the day I joined has been overwhelming.  After my promotion to the Location Manager role, I was honed into managing employees of various nationalities and meeting with customers to understand and address their needs and concerns. This major transition in my professional career helped to improve my self-awareness and self-esteem and enhanced my interpersonal and communication abilities.


Overall, my time at QSS has been truly rewarding in all aspects of my life.  Along with career growth and personality development, owing to my monthly salary, I was able to get a new and bigger house constructed for my family.  Also, I allocated additional funds for my father's businesses which enabled him to establish an automotive spare parts shop.


What lessons can you impart to others who are striving to establish their own success story?

The first thing I learned was to keep moving and chasing the opportunity.  While employed at QSS, I discovered that if you love your job and work with passion and dedication, opportunities will naturally present themselves to you. Your passion to become better and bigger attracts a strong energy that your co-workers, superiors, and the company feel and see you deserving of recognition.  While I worked at QSS initially for a steady paycheck, eventually I developed a sense of fulfillment with my work to the point where getting the job done came before trying to impress others for the sake of attention.


What continues to inspire you to keep aiming for a better life?

The first and main thing on my mind is my family. And now that I have established a more comfortable life for them, what motivates me to get out of bed every morning is my unquenchable drive to learn new things and advance my career. I am prepared to explore any other untapped opportunities the world has to offer.

Mohamad Irfan Ahmad
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