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MD Irfan

Location Manager

Always Look Forward to Something New  


 “Never stop learning and improving in order to continue aiming for and seizing new opportunities.”


MD Irfan started working as a Storekeeper for Qatar Star Services (QSS) in 2013. Irfan switched between projects and quickly advanced to two levels higher, first becoming a Supervisor and later a Location Manager. He is currently the Location Manager for our catering project in the Ministry of Interior (MOI).


Irfan’s educational and professional background obtained from India and good administrative abilities have helped him become more effective in supervising a large team of employees. He has acquired training for SAP Materials Management, Fire Warden/Marshal, HACCP Level 3 for Food Manufacturing (RQF), Junior Leadership Development Program, and Supervisors Development Program.


This year, MD Irfan was recognized as the Location Manager for the year 2022 in honor of his dedication and commitment to keep his location running in compliance with QHSE, HSE, and Employee Welfare standards.



How was your life back home?

Between 2008 and 2011, while in college, I was already working as an Assistant Auditor in a chartered account firm called K. Bothra & Company.  After which, I joined Maruti Company Auto Sales Distributor as a Salesman cum Accountant. 

What was your driving force to leave your country and work abroad?

I worked for a year without experiencing any satisfaction with my pay or professional advancement. The amount of work demands was excessive, but the pay was insufficient. I was unable to provide for my family's necessities because I had to spend my entire salary on food and work transportation.  I wanted to get better salary to better support my family, enhance my professional skills, grow personally, and interact with individuals from different countries in order to learn about various cultures. 


I couldn't wait to get to Qatar since it was so exciting.


How did you land a job in Qatar Star Services (QSS)?

Through Ajeets Management, I tried my luck applying for an accountant position in QSS, but the opening was that of a Storekeeper. Since I was hungry for some change in my career, I accepted the offer.


What are the lessons you learned from life’s transition?

Constantly strive to get better and look for ways to do so. Other people’s happiness relies on contentment, but mine stems from an endless desire to improve.  If I don’t learn something new in my job or even outside the workplace in a span of three to six months, I get alarmed. 


How did QSS change your life?

Through the seven projects that I have been assigned to, I have acquired quiet extensive technical knowledge from QSS, working as a Storekeeper and Location Manager. Apart from hands-on experience in project mobilization and demobilization, food products and menu variety, food safety standards, and stock and cost control, I developed my Arabic language skills by interacting with many government representatives.


But, being given the chance to work on our project at the FIFA Arab Cup 2021™ and FIFA World Cup 2022™ was the most incredible. I became familiar with logistics, stocking food for concession, and managing complex employee issues.


I am always hungry for learning and improvement and I must say, QSS has been largely instrumental in making me achieve my goal before I came to Qatar.  Of course, I thank my mentor, Mr. Al Shami who has never failed to support me and entrust crucial tasks to me.


To top it all, my financial stability has allowed me to help my family construct a home and provide my siblings higher education.  QSS helped my family and I raise our standard of living.  


What lessons can you impart to others who are striving to establish their own success story?

Never stop learning and improving in order to continue pursuing and seizing new opportunities. And while you are upgrading yourself, take a moment to pause, reflect, and look back.  Embracing the virtue of loyalty makes you naturally excited about giving your subordinates access to the same opportunities for growth and learning.


Lastly, in order to stay focused and disciplined to reach daily goals, it helps to start and end your day with a routine that suits you.

MD Irfan
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