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Jitendra Kumar

Head Cook

Never Say No to an Opportunity


 “Grab every opportunity because you’ll never know when the next would pass by.”


In 2011, Jitendra began working at Qatar Star Services (QSS) as a Cleaner.  He was considered for the position of Assistant Cook due to his experience in the kitchen.  Owing to his dedication and talent, he was appointed as Head Cook in the Asian Kitchen at the Grand Central Kitchen 3 (GCK3).  


For the year 2022, Jitendra was hailed by GCK3 as their Best Cook due to the overall positive feedback received from clients which were validated by the QHSE department.



How was your life back home?

I come from a poor family background in my hometown in Nepal. I could not even pursue my higher education and much more than this, my brother was crippled and paralyzed from the waist down.

I had an opportunity to work as an Assistant Cook in a small hotel in India with a meager salary of around Four Thousand Indian Rupees or Two Hundred Qatar Riyals.

What was your driving force to leave your country and work abroad?

My desire to find employment abroad in the hopes of earning more money was prompted by our poverty and my brother's condition. I needed to be able to send my brother to the hospital so that he could receive the necessary care and treatment on top of being able to feed my family.


The next thing I wanted to do was to advance my knowledge and abilities in order to improve my chances of becoming a certified cook. That will come in handy while looking for greater employment prospects in the future.


How did you land a job in Qatar Star Services (QSS)?

I came to Qatar through an agency called Gulf Travel Agency. I live in a small village in Janakpurdham, Nepal wherein there were not many means available to find job opportunities abroad, so I had to deal with sub-agents.


What are the lessons you learned from life’s transition?

I discovered that unless you leave your safe little corner, step outside of your comfort zone, and have faith in the process of pursuing your dreams, you will never know what life has in store for you.


How did QSS change your life?

I have absolutely learned a lot from Qatar Star.


My first job was that of a cleaner. When my supervisor found out about my experience in the kitchen, he had me trained and immediately, promoted me to Assistant Cook.  Compared to my experience back home, working as an assistant cook in a large-scale production unit is much more challenging.


In the past, I could not have predicted the employment opportunities that QSS has provided for me. I often find it hard to realize how far I have advanced. I am now the Head Cook for the Asian kitchen at one of Qatar's largest industrial catering companies, when all I wanted was a higher pay. My confidence level has increased that without hesitation, I now immerse myself in new cooking techniques to aid both quality and cost control.


I am proud of every step and accomplishment that I have made because they have all provided me with invaluable experience. I can now oversee 6000 man-days of output every day. My investment was solely based on my dedication, hard work, and willingness to learn in the kitchen. I thank the Executive Chefs whom I have worked with as well as my colleagues for helping me out when I needed it. Despite having reached this position, I am still learning from my co-workers.


The opportunity that QSS conferred me helped me address our financial difficulty, but more importantly, I was able to send my brother for treatment until he had fully recovered. My brother is doing great and living a normal life now. I got married and was blessed with two children. While in QSS, I am confident that I can provide them with quality education.


What lessons can you impart to others who are striving to establish their own success story?

I have but a very basic lesson to impart based on my own happy experience.


QSS is the home for equal opportunity at work. 


When QSS gives you the opportunity to learn on the job, do not refuse it whatever reason you may have. You must develop the ability to wait patiently for the reward.  It's a chance that not everyone is fortunate enough to receive, so when it presents itself, grab it with both hands.  Some coworkers could demoralize you and tempt you to rebel against the company.  There's a good likelihood that these people want to deny you the chance. So, focus on developing yourself and never entertain negativity just to be part of a circle.

Jitendra Kumar
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