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Revolutionizing Partnerships


You may not realize it but each and every one of you has become a part of this year’s tumultuous yet challenging journey. The company considers you, “Q-STARS” as partners and allies whether in successes or setbacks. As a partner, it is but fitting that I directly give you a peak of where we are.

As we approach the final quarter of the year, I often find myself reflecting on the intriguing challenges that 2023 has brought us.

In 2022, our journey took off with a massive project at Qatar's largest-ever sporting event, however, following the successful completion of significant commercial and public projects which led to a phase of relative business tranquility, we hit a rough patch in the second quarter of this year.

Still, we managed to stay strong and continued to thrive in the industrial catering sector, with government projects still dominating our business operations.

Beginning October, we can anticipate a full swing for our Food and Beverage as well as Events divisions, driven by the onset of the high season and various events scheduled for the final quarter of the year. Our Facility Management department has strategically positioned itself to compete and successfully win new sizeable projects from substantial commercial bids submitted since January.

We are thrilled to welcome 2024, a year anticipated to bring about transformative changes across industries via Artificial Intelligence (AI). QSS is eager to join the AI revolution that will complement our planned resource integration through revolutionary partnerships. These partnerships will redefine industry standards and develop a model for future international collaborations. Additionally, these will unlock massive growth opportunities for the business in terms of revenue and market presence, as well as offer our employees new avenues for career advancement.

While all these plans are underway, we will strengthen further our vital partnership with what we consider as the greatest asset and investment for the company – the partnership with employees. The HR and Welfare departments will leverage social media platforms and online employee engagement tools to foster a more involved workforce, instilling a sense of business ownership among employees.

As a leader, I believe it's essential to start each day with a commitment to generate ideas, ranging from the tried-and-true to the most innovative, aimed at ensuring our business not only survives but thrives amidst challenges, ongoing change, and evolution.

So, QSTARS, partners, thank you and together, let us continue trusting the process.


HR & Corporate Planning Manager


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