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QSS Sportsfest 2023:

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Accommodation and Head Office Teams emerged as the Champions for Cricket & Basketball

Eight teams at the cricket pitch in The Dynamic Sports Complex (ideal school ground) while four teams at the basketball court in University of Doha in Science & Technology, represented by QSS personnel from various departments and projects gave their best efforts at batting and fielding and at defense, offense, and shooting goals.

At Cricket, the Accommodation Team emerged victorious against the Facility Management Team while at Basketball, the Head Office Team finished victorious against the Maintenance Team.

The Champions

The Accommodation Team with their Team Manager, Mohammad Hassan and Captain, Sinnathambi Perumal Arumugam.

The Facilities Management Team came in second place.

The Runner-up – Facility Management Team with their Captain, Maheboob Emamsaheb Hawaldar.

Best Batsman – Krishnaraj Pambian Loganathan from Accommodation Team.

​Best Bowler – Kawaljit Singh Gurbachan Singh from the Facility Management Team.

Man of the Match – Gaurav Singh Chauhan from the Accommodation Team.

Game Highlights


The Champion - The Head Office Team with their Team Captain and Coach, Rodrigo Fernandez.

The Maintenance Team came in second place.

The Second Place – Maintenance Team with their Team Manager, Haissam Abbas and Captain, Richard Canaviral.

The Third Place – Le Gourmet Team with their Team Manager and Captain, Bassam Ghazali.

Most Valuable Player – Dexter Lopez from Star Bakery but played for the Headoffice Team.

Most Defensive Player – Carlos Jr. Cea Ibarrientos from Karwa but played for the Headoffic Team.

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