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QSS Conducts Traffic Road and Fire Safety Awareness during Ramadan

During Ramadan, road safety takes on heightened importance as individuals may be fasting, tired, or rushing to reach their destinations for Iftar or prayers. The Ministry of Interior – Community Reach Out Office in Qatar spearheaded an impactful awareness campaign dedicated to ensuring safe travels during this holy month. This initiative aimed to educate drivers about the potential risks and encourage responsible behavior on the roads.

On March 17, 2024, QSS took a proactive step in promoting road safety by sharing the Ministry's awareness campaign with its drivers, facilitated through the Transportation and Garage department. By disseminating crucial information and best practices, QSS contributed to fostering a culture of safety among its staff and the broader community.

The campaign likely emphasized the importance of patience, attentiveness, and adherence to traffic regulations, especially during peak travel times before Iftar and prayers.

In addition, the Transportation and Garage department highlighted the importance of vehicle maintenance to prevent breakdowns and accidents. Regular checks of tires, brakes, and lights can significantly reduce the likelihood of road incidents during Ramadan.

By prioritizing road safety during Ramadan, organizations like QSS and government agencies play a vital role in protecting lives and promoting a harmonious and secure community environment. Let us all heed the call to be safe on the roads this Ramadan, ensuring a peaceful and accident-free journey for everyone.

In addition to road safety, fire safety is crucial during Ramadan. Awareness campaigns stress proper cooking appliance use, avoiding kitchen overcrowding, keeping flammable materials away from heat sources, and most importantly, the availability and easy accessibility of fire extinguisher in every home. Guidance on safe candle and lantern placement further reduces fire risks. Combining these measures with road safety efforts ensures a secure observance of this sacred month.

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