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QSS Collaborates with Hamad Hospital for the World Blood Donor Day

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

On the 1st of June 2023, QSS organized a blood donation campaign in the Grand Central Kitchen premise, in collaboration with Hamad Hospital. This was initiated by the Welfare Department, following the donor guidelines and in line with the campaign’s objectives. The drive was carried out by the medical team from Hamad Hospital.

Fifty out of nearly seventy QSS workers who volunteered to donate blood were found to be qualified following some tests.

The World Blood Donation Day is organized and executed throughout the world every 14th of June, in commemoration of the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, an Austrian-born-American biologist and physician, who is considered to be the founder of modern blood banking and transfusion medicine.

The objective is to ensure that everyone who needs transfusion during emergencies or disasters, pandemics, and inadequate supply in normal hospital operations, gets access to safe blood. Thus, a blood donor programme is needed with wide and active participation.

We appreciate the humanitarian efforts of our QSS colleagues who have supported a global initiative to foster unity and save lives.

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Donating blood is good for the health. It helps reduce blood specially for people with high blood. So, aside from helping people who need blood, you are also helping yourself.


It is unfortunate that I wasn't able to go here but good job to our co workers who went there to donate.


Wonderful job QSS! Next time I wanna try and help out by also donating blood. This story is so inspiring!


Amazing! It touches my heart to know that we are donating blood for the people! Go QSS!


This is truly a wonderful thing to do. Helping others through blood is nothing but touching. Splendid!

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