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Congratulations to the World Photography Week Q-STARS

QSS is proud to announce the first 3 hailed Q-STARS who have creatively displayed their personal accomplishments through our Photography Week Contest.

Our company, QSS, which has carved in stone the core value "Committed to Quality", has ingrained the same fundamental principle in all of its employees, encouraging them to always aim for greatness and never accept mediocrity. And because of this, QSS workers should be acclaimed as "Q-STARS’, where Q stands for Quality.

Q-STARS are QSS employees who stand out due to their commitment to performing at the highest level, which has led to outstanding achievements in both their professional and personal lives.

We appreciate each and every one of you, Q-STARS, for taking part in this competition and, more importantly, for sharing with us what you proudly consider as your biggest success so far. We take equal pride in the fact that we were able to assist you in improving yourself.

He owns a two-acre land in his hometown in Sri Lanka, converted into a farm for growing tobacco leaves.

Owing to his passion for farming, he has been leasing a 1.5-acre land in India where he cultivates bananas. His father supports his farming business and earns an average of INR Lakh 2/ - or equivalent to QR 8,800/- per annum.

He successfully reduced his weight to 80kg from a high of 110kg after a strict diet plan and exercise with the specific diet food help and gym facilities from QSS, mostly due to his health issues and the necessity to be physically fit for his profession.

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