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Caring for Our Senior (Elderly) Employees: A Successful Free Medical Camp

QSS partnered with Al-Abeer Medical Clinic to organize a free medical camp, exclusively for employees aged fifty-five (55) and above, from September 8th to 11th 2023. The primary objective was to provide essential health check-ups, ensuring that our experienced team members receive the necessary medical attention.

Putting Employee Health & Wellbeing First

During the camp, various health assessments such as blood tests, fasting blood sugar checks, total cholesterol screenings, and ECGs were conducted to monitor the health and overall well-being of our employees.

Furthermore, employees were encouraged to seek advice on adopting a healthier lifestyle. This event not only aimed to identify potential health issues but also underscored the significance of the employer-employee bond extending beyond the workplace.

A follow-up camp targeting the same employee category will be conducted in the next six months to ensure their continued physical and mental well-being.

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