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QSS at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

A Showcase in a Global Showpiece


By:  Wilma S. Curato (HR & Corporate Planning Manager)

QSS did it again!


As the sole provider of the FIFA Public Food & Beverage Concessionaire Programme for the FIFA World Cup Qatar™, QSS had to triumph over the odds at what could be considered as test events such as the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™, Lusail Supercup, Turkish Supercup, and Bollywood Music Festival.


We recruited 6,000 people from overseas. The on-boarding process necessitated navigating a diverse culture, rigid training, and acclimating to the stadium. That in order for us to get to the point of serving more than three million spectators over the tournament period, we had to synchronize the logistics of food supply and workforce delivery amidst operational adjustments.   


However, even with planned strategies in place, it was the continuing demand for inevitable modifications, bottlenecks, and restrictions that put QSS' capacity to the test.       


In the end, every inch of pressure gave us the chance to better ourselves by learning new things, expanding our social networks, and re-enforcing our mitigation strategies. This helped us become more than prepared for the forthcoming big initiatives in the field of mass events.


As they say, “The best opportunities often disguise as impossibilities”.   


End of the day, we must say that we utilized the most of our resources not only to prove ourselves worthy of the project but more importantly, in support of Qatar’s efforts to build a legacy at the world’s largest single-sport competition.

Lessons learned from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

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