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All Hands In


Dear Qatar Super Stars,

Welcome to our official company newsletter that is dedicated to all of us, employees.

Join us in devouring the pilot issue as we reflect on one of the most significant QSS milestones to date, i.e. our recently completed project at the FIFA World Cup 2022™, and read up on employee tales, events, news, and other articles that we think will be of interest to everyone.

There are projects that may turn out to be a show stopper in our social lives or push us to our breaking point.

And there are those that will surprise us with our unknown capability to manage immense work pressure and conflicts with calmness, ingenuity, and humility.

During the execution of our project at the FIFA World Cup 2022™, everyone moved from one concession to the next while picking up trash, issuing passes, serving food and beverages, carrying boxes, and screaming at the top of their lungs to be heard.  We arrived to the office wearing jeans and sneakers, rolling up our sleeves to handle worker and logistical issues.

Now that we are out of the box (the project), we can all watch and reflect on the lessons learned which we hardly realized while we were engaged.

For, me, it’s learning to deal with a problem free from emotions in order to get rid of any consideration that can compromise the goal. Being passionate about the work yields positive outcome, whereas getting emotional over a task begets conflicts.

Additionally, there is no “Man of the Hour” in every project execution.  A true leader is not defined by owning the credit but by owning the responsibility. Humility in the workplace encompasses accountability, open-mindedness, and respect. The FIFA project was a large assignment with multiple facets that required effective delegation and not a one-man show.

For more of the lessons learned at the FIFA, please take the time to visit the FREEWALL.

Please feel free to share the link with everyone you know through your social media accounts.

Enjoy and until our next issue.



Wilma Curato

HR & Corporate Planning Manager

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