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Group of Women

International Women's Day


Dear Qatar Super Stars,

Last month, our group, Mezzan initiated the celebration of Mother’s Day by way of personally handing flowers with a note to all our working mothers throughout Qatar, Kuwait UAE, KSA, and Jordan. This simple yet meaningful gesture went a long way and made our working mothers feel honored and valued.

The International Women's Day, observed annually in March to honor the "social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women," was perfectly complemented by this initiative.

From a business perspective, QSS has continuously been committed to empowering women in the workplace by providing equal employment opportunities, while upholding the cultural values and security regulations of the State of Qatar, particularly the observance of physical boundaries to protect women.

Since the founding of QSS, we have continued to hire women from various countries and place them in positions that best employ their unique strengths and capabilities and allow them to excel, not merely to get them to fill gender roles.

By investing in their training, mentoring, and advancement into senior-level roles, we continuously give them more control over their professional lives. This is believed to support their effort to achieve the ideal work-life balance so they can support their spouses, children, and family members in creating a happy home.

To all the working women across our business operations - QSS salutes you for the hard work you put in at work and at home, with the hope that this will lead to a more active presence in your respective community and society. 



Wilma Curato

HR & Corporate Planning Manager

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