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Embracing the Culinary Craft: QSS Celebrates International Chef’s Day


As the International Chef's Day is celebrated on a global stage, at QSS, we take this opportunity to acknowledge and express our deep appreciation for the pivotal role these culinary virtuosos play in steering our production teams. Their guidance ensures the unwavering adherence to stringent food safety standards, the achievement of operational budgets, the fulfillment of contractual and legal obligations, and the generous efforts to mentor and develop raw talents in pursuit of a culinary dream. 

The essence of being a chef extends far beyond the mere display of culinary artistry. It revolves around the embodiment of discipline and the mastery of leadership in the production premises. Above all, it entails an unshakable commitment to share their vast knowledge and foster the growth of emerging talents in the culinary realm.

QSS understands that our seasoned CHEFS are not just creators of delectable dishes; they are the guardians of culinary excellence, and we salute their dedication on this special day.

QSS Culinary Masters


The Crème dela Crème among QSS’ new breed of Culinary Experts     

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